Breakfast Blogging


Laura Garcia CannonWelcome to the NBC11 Breakfast Blog! We anticipate this will be a fun place to get a little sneak peek behind the scenes. While we may not divulge all our secrets, we’ve got to keep some things to ourselves! It may be fun to answer some of the regular questions such as, “What time do you really get up in the morning?” What is it like working side by side with your spouse?” and “Do you plan your outfits to match your co-anchor?”

Brent CannonIt takes a lot of crew to put on a morning show, let alone, over 3 hours of live television (yes it’s live, we’re really sitting there at 5am) so thru this blog you’ll have the chance to hear from a lot of the staff of NBC11 mornings. You may know our faces, but we always think it’s important to give credit to the people who get our faces and stories and sound and pictures on the air! It’s a fun dedicated group, making it a great place to come to work everyday. We look forward to telling some stories to share why NBC11 is such an important part of our lives. We hope you have just as much fun reading about it.

Laura Garcia Cannon and Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchors


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