Good Knight, Good Luck


Bob RedellI thought I’d be riding a bull for my live shot during our 10 am newscast. It was to promote the Grand National Rodeo – but, as bad weather would have it, it was just too darn muddy for that. So, it was cancelled. But, since I was determined to risk life and limb and hopefully rid the world of one more annoying feature reporter, I went to “Knight School” instead. No joke. A place in San Jose actually suits you up in armor and teaches you how to sword fight. Think Darth Vader vs. the Tin Man. (Tin Man be me. Took some nice hits to the head. Lots of fun.) Keep an eye out for this story to air next Thursday. I’m jusstt glsadx the conncusshun haz finullay wornn ougffffffffffffff ff f f fffffffffff

Bob Redell
NBC11 Reporter


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