Power of Journalism


Lisa BernardPrince Charles, fourth graders, stem cell researchers, fishermen, senators, florists, homeless men and women, parking attendants, movie stars, governors who were movie stars… these are just some of the people I interview on any given day of the week. I am privileged to meet such a diverse group of people as I do my work… each of whom teaches me something interesting that I try to pass along. This variety is one of the greatest rewards of being a journalist in the Bay Area.

Speaking of journalism…

This week’s announcement that Commissioner Bud Selig wants to investigate steroid use in Major League Baseball is a true testament to the power of journalism. There had been allegations of steroid use among pro-athletes for years, but it was the book written by two San Francisco Chronicle journalists that has triggered an investigation. Selig appointed former Senator George Mitchell (the guy who brokered peace in Northern Ireland) to investigate steroid use after reading the extensive evidence garnered from 200+ sources. These journalists reviewed court documents, nurtured confidential sources and consulted experts before accusing some of the biggest names in baseball (Barry Bonds in particular) of steroid use. This should be an interesting season!

Lisa Bernard
NBC11 Reporter


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