The Sound of Silence


Brent CannonI have a new favorite winter sport. I have discovered snowshoeing. I still like downhill skiing. I’ve been into that since I was in junior high in Denver. But, this is new for me. Laura and I started last winter when we got a set of snowshoes for Christmas.

I was recently in Tahoe and went out one morning as the snow was still falling. I love the sound of snow. It’s almost like there is no sound. Snow seems to absorb everything, and there is this deafening silence. I know of a meadow, and I like to make my way out there, especially when I’m the first one out. There are no tracks in the snow. No people tracks that is.

The morning I went, it was still coming down, and any “old” animal tracks were covered by the new snowfall. But then I saw another set of prints. These were really fresh, and looked like big cat tracks. I decided to check them out. I thought it would be really cool to see a big cat, a bobcat or a mountain lion, heading across the meadow in the virgin snow. The tracks wove in and out of the pines. My goggles began to fog and it was hard to see. I realized that any cat has an advantage because they can hear and smell me. I looked back at my own tracks which were already covered by the heavily falling snow. I realized just how fresh the cat tracks must be, and how I was at a distinct disadvantage – and alone. So, I decided not to continue the pursuit. But, it was still a great morning – and a great work out.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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