Blogging at "The Office"


Scott McGrewIt’s interesting to watch the television industry adopt blogging. I suspect there are a number of outfits that have jumped into the space because it’s “trendy”, but there are others that genuinely seem to be taking advantage of the medium. Our own blog here, it’s hoped, will give you a better idea of the people who bring you the news each morning. Other television blogs include Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore, who I mentioned in an earlier post. You can find his blog here. And then there’s “The Office”.

I found this article in USA Today about actors on The Office:

Just about all the actors are online at as the show is being filmed. “We sit at our desks and do our comments and write blogs,” says Jenna Fischer, who plays receptionist Pam Beesley. She almost always is seen sitting behind her computer, which makes it easier to keep up with her weekly blog about what goes on at the set for and her own personal blog at

So, the next time you see one of the characters on the show typing on a computer, know it’s probably not fake — they’re updating their blogs!

Recently I did an interview with some fansite authors — folks who maintain websites about their favorite TV shows. I interviewed the authors of The Office fansites Northern Attack and Office Tally. I’ll run the interview once we’re a bit closer to the Office season finale in May. I figure maybe Thursday, May 4th on the morning show.

I could tell you more about this TV shoot — how it involved “punking” the interviewee, and even a brush with a partially naked man, but the guy we interviewed describes it much better

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


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