The San Francisco Gray Area


Bob RedellI understand why we need rain but this is a little much. Will it ever END!!!!???? So, help me prepare for the inevitable and join me tomorrow when we start collecting two of every animal. (Random people’s pets first: cats, dogs, parakeets, two toed sloths, etc…)

Oh, I was in Chicago this weekend. Amazingly, the sun actually shines there. I got to see it just before hypothermia set in. (The wind off the lake felt like 20 degrees.) I’ve gotta tell ya: I love the Windy City. I was born there and raised on the Southside. It’s a terrific place with great people. That said, in spite of all this wet weather, I’d much rather swim than freeze.

Today, during the 10 am newscast, I’ll be doing a live shot from the clock tower at the San Jose Museum of Art. They’re trying to rebuild the top part that was destroyed during the 1906 quake. Look for me: I’ll be standing on the tiny ledge way up there outside the face of the clock. It should be a good time.

Bob Redell
NBC11 Reporter


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