What Happened to Spring?


Laura Garcia Cannon “What happened to spring?” A viewer asked me the other day as I was running some errands inside a Bay Area mall on an outdoor rainy day. It made me think of the change of the seasons – literally, that we’ve all been experiencing here in the Bay Area. Our WeatherPlus Meteorologist Shannon O’Donnell has told us we’ve broken rain records in the past month of March, and right now, April is looking about the same. Where did spring go? Will it make an appearance, or will we go barreling into the foggy summers of San Francisco or heat in the East and South Bay?

I’m a believer that life is what you make of it, have lemons? Make lemonade! The hillsides are green and lush, my garden is finally taking shape thanks to a few breaks of sun when I can run outside, till the soil, doing a little digging and planting just in time to let Mother Nature do the watering! I’d be remiss however, not to mention all the people in the Bay Area who’ve become victims of the storms; countless accidents, roads closed, homes left teetering on hillsides. We had a story in our newscast about a San Anselmo man who had to sit back and watch the demolition of his childhood home because it’s too dangerous to let it stand anymore. It’s teetering on a hillside, threatening to come crashing down because of lack of support from the sliding land below. Lifelong memories gone in an instant. I guess it’s a lesson for all of us to be prepared, be thankful for what we have when we have it, because in an instant everything can change. I wish those well who’ve had to really deal with the effects of the storms… it’s a little reminder to those of us who complain about ‘another rainy day’ that maybe life isn’t that bad.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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