My 15 Minutes


Michelle HechtYou may not know me – well, I’m certain you don’t unless you’re one of my family members, to which I’d say “Hello, see you on Easter!” So, I figure introductions are in order.

I’m Michelle, I scroll for the anchors. That’s how I’ve often described my job here as a production assistant (PA) and teleprompter operator. My duties also include preparing scripts for the anchors and director.

It’s a rewarding job and a great source of pride these past five years. Seeing the news as it happens and learning first-hand how an actual newsroom ticks is a fantastic experience. I also get to work with a wonderful group of people.

A recent addition to my position is floor directing the morning cut-ins, those news briefs that happen every half hour. I communicate the director’s cues to the anchors and make sure things run smoothly out on the studio floor – that’s the best way to describe it. A few of us PAs alternate flooring throughout the week. It’s a nice opportunity for us.

Oh, and I get to be on TV!

Next time you watch a cut-in, take note of the last shot, most likely it’ll be a view of the studio from above. If you see a girl in a bright pink shirt or a purple jacket, that’s me. I’m not at the anchor desk or doing a live shot from the field, but it’s still exciting.

Now, you can say you know an actual production assistant.

Michelle Hecht
NBC11 Production Assistant


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