Working in the Rain


Lisa BernardThe rain is certainly tough on the spirit. It’s tough on those who have to wait at a bus stop, or unload groceries from the shopping cart to the car, or walk the dog. But consider construction crews, mail carriers, and morning tv news reporters. We work in it. My NBC11 jacket has become a second skin. I don’t really bother straightening my hair with the hair dryer anymore, and I’ve learned to ignore the strange looks I get when I run my errands immediately after work still wearing my lovely rain paints. (I’m so glad I bought a new pair in February despite believing the rainy season was almost over.) Almost everything about our job is more challenging in the rain: persuading people to stand outside and chat with us about whatever news we’re covering that day, keeping the camera and microphone dry, keeping my notepad dry so the ink won’t run (zip lock bag), not to mention trying to look presentable to those watching. Of course the very hardest part of reporting in the rain is learning of the heartache of people I meet who are losing their homes and belongings to moving hillsides and flood waters—they are the ones really suffering. I don’t mind enduring some discomfort so I can share their stories with the Bay Area.

Lisa Bernard
NBC11 Reporter


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