Why I Wear Pants


Mike InouyeOkay, let’s be honest. Many of you were wondering, and many have asked me…
“Do you wear pants?”

I’m sure this question arises from the classic comedy sketches in which you see the anchorman with a shirt, tie and blazer, well coifed, emerging sans pants from the anchor desk. Reference the DVD cover for the recent hit movie “Anchorman.”

Sorry to report that this anchorman does indeed wear pants whenever standing on set.


Over the course of an average morning, I’m seen standing at the chromakey (where you see the roads or maps behind me) ten or eleven times. This shot shows me from head to knees. It would be all too obvious (and all too unpleasant) if I were to be seen pantless during these shots.

However, technology is constantly advancing. You’ve seen leaps forward in the amount and types of information I’m able to give you over the course of a morning utilizing my live robotic cameras, maps, charts, 3D and Skyview maps, as well as our state of the art news chopper. I’m betting that someday we’ll actually be able to pick computer generated outfits and the chromakey will make us appear fully dressed. Sort of an electronic paper doll thing.

Until that day, though, I still have to wear pants whenever I’m standing on set.

I’ll see you Monday thru Friday mornings, starting at 5:01 sitting behind the anchor desk…

I don’t stand until 5:21. 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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