Coordination & Rotation


Brent CannonLaura and I have been anchoring together at KNTV since the start of 2000. We get a lot of questions about what its like to work side by side with our spouse. I might get into that some other time, but I thought I’d begin with one of the more basic questions we get from time to time.

People want to know if we coordinate our clothes each day. The answer is – kind of. I have developed a system. It’s something that stems from my football days.

We wake up at about 2:45 in the morning. That was especially hard when I first began this shift. Sometimes it’s still pretty hard. I feel like I’ve been “dinged.” That’s the term when a football player gets hit really hard, and after that they might not remember things momentarily, like what stadium they are in, or what day it is etc. When I played in college, sometimes nobody knew if a guy got “dinged” – and so that player might stay in the game and play under those conditions. Even though the player might not know the stadium – he would still know his assignment on a particular play. We drilled so much that knowing what to do and what your job is became almost instinctual.

When I wake up so early in the morning, I’m lucky to remember my name. There is no way I want to trust any kind of intellectual thought process to pick a suit for the day. I can only imagine the color combos I might pick. I once saw a morning reporter with one black shoe and one brown one. Besides, I want to sleep as long as possible. I don’t want to get up even one second earlier because I have to pick clothes for the day.

So, I lay out my clothes the night before. I have some blue suits, some black ones, some gray ones, some brown. I hang them in the closet – breaking up the colors so that I don’t get too many days in a row with the same color. Then I wear the suit on the left. I pick a tie that will work with that color. After the day is over, I hang that suit up on the right, and pick the next one in the “rotation” from the left side. That takes all the guess work and decision making out of it. Plus – if for some reason I forget to lay out a suit and I have to do it at 2:45am – it’s almost instinctual. Just grab the one on the left and go. It’s like being able to run the play, even if I’m a little “foggy.”

Each night before bed, Laura will ask what colors I am wearing. The answer is pretty short. We’ve become good at knowing what it means. I just say “blue and red.” That means a blue suit with a predominantly red tie. She can now pick out what she is wearing. She usually does not try to “match” me. She usually wants to “compliment.” She doesn’t want to look just like I do, but rather find something that won’t clash and will go along with what I have.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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