Why Should I Care, It’s Over THERE


Mike InouyeSo you’re listening to my traffic reports and think, “Oh, that’s over there; not on MY commute.”

That’s one way to look at it. Here’s another:

A mudslide caused a short portion of roadway to close in Pinole.

A viewer lives in Walnut Creek.

He works in Oakland.

He doesn’t care about the problems in Pinole… but maybe he should.

For over a week, one lane of westbound interstate 80 has been closed at Pinole Valley Road. This has been causing traffic to backup coming across the Carquinez Bridge, from Vallejo. Some drivers have opted to head east on I-780, then south on I-680 using the Benicia Bridge as an alternate. They then have to continue south on I-680 thru Concord, Pleasant Hill… and WALNUT CREEK (where they join HIS commute).

Additional traffic causes additional slowing as they ALL head west on Highway 24, through Orinda, through the already jammed Caldecott Tunnel and into Oakland where he’s late for his very important appointment.

This may sound contrived but this is happening and is a daily reminder of how interconnected we and our commutes are in our Bay Area home.

Lesson in traffic? Lesson in life?

I don’t know, I just make the maps. 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor

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