Sleepless In The Bay Area


John Peck It’s 1:35pm and well past my bedtime. While working on the morning show is great fun for too many reasons to list, the resulting sleep schedule is not one of them. My fellow overnight producer and I start our days at work between 10 and 11pm. We’re usually out the door by 8am. This is great for avoiding crowds at the grocery store, running errands and enjoying the morning sun… but that sun (especially the heat it brings today!) can make sleeping difficult later in the day.

I usually try to crash by 1pm, with the idea that I’ll sleep 8 hours until 9pm. I can’t remember the last time I actually slept those entire eight hours… and the weekend is an entirely different matter. But I know I’m not alone with my sleep issues. In fact, NBC News is taking a closer look at being “Sleepless in America” this week. 70% of Americans say they don’t get enough sleep… what’s keeping everyone awake and can anything be done about it? That’s the question Lester Holt and other correspondents will try to answer over the next three nights on NBC Nightly News. I’ll hopefully be sleeping through those reports, but I’ve got my TiVo set – 5:30pm on NBC11!

Good night.

John Peck
NBC11 Producer


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