Top Two Questions


Christie Smith “No” and “2:35”

The two questions I am most often asked are not really about news at all. “For TV people, does someone do your hair and make-up?” and “What time do you get up?” I do my own hair, make-up and anything else needed to start the day. I either get the credit or the blame here, depending on the day.

The day begins at 2:35am. That’s when my alarm goes off and I go into temporary shock. Since working at NBC 11 News, I have strictly worked the night shift in Oakland. That shift was from 2:30pm until about midnight. My photographer and I were never sure what we would end up doing, but chances are it was breaking news and a good sense of humor was a key ingredient. After running around all night, you just sort of hope you remember to comb your hair and put on a bit of make-up before stepping in front of the camera. Recently, I switched to the morning shift. This enables me to spend more time with my two little boys. They have no questions about this job. Their only recurring question is “What’s to eat?” So, far it’s the best of both worlds. I get to continue reporting, meeting people and listening to their stories. It really is a pretty fun job. Best of all I get back home at a decent hour and get to hang out…until the alarm goes off again.

Christie Smith
NBC11 Reporter


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