Brent CannonLet’s talk about inspiration. Recently, Laura and I had the honor of hosting the East San Jose Kiwanis Club’s 39th annual “turnaround” scholarship luncheon. The program gets local business to fund scholarships for local high school students. These are kids that probably would not get much attention from other scholarship programs. Many are fortunate to have even graduated. They are kids who have overcome amazing set backs and challenges – somehow they have risen above the adversity – and will graduate on time and have a shot at continuing on with their education in hopes of a better life. There are kids from broken and abusive homes – kids who were close to dropping out – kids who have battled life-threatening disease or the loss of parents – kids who are raising their younger brother and sisters because they have no parents.

The stories were heart wrenching. Yet, while we felt bad that anybody would have to go through what these kids have had to go through – there was also a tremendous sense of inspiration. These kids have literally taken control and responsibility for their own young lives, and have decided not to let life get the better of them – no matter how tough it gets. Many kids have qualified to go to very expensive private colleges. Their next challenge – raising the money to complete that kind of schooling. But they are up for the challenge and will scrape together the funding – and work jobs while in school – whatever it takes, because now they have a second chance. Because they have turned things around – and hence the name of the program. The “Turnaround Scholarship Program.” I went to host a luncheon. I came away inspired. And they will do it again next year.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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