Emmy Awarded


Brent Cannon
Laura and I were so honored to be among our fellow co-workers at NBC11 to have won an Emmy at this year’s annual awards ceremony in San Francisco. In fact a lot of people from NBC11 collected an Emmy. We won for Large Market Daytime Newscast. Of course it’s important to point out that it takes a complete team effort to put our newscasts together every day. Producers, writers, editors, directors, camera people, reporters in the field – so many people work hard to make a great newscast every day.

Once in a while, there are one or two newscasts that you think stand out, and you submit those to the Academy. A group of judges then decides who gets a nomination. Three of our morning newscasts received nominations this year – and one of them won. When they called the name of our newscast it was like scoring a touchdown in a big game. So thrilling.

I think it’s all the more special to me because this is the first Emmy at NBC11 for Laura and I, and we did it side by side. I felt so lucky to have such a great group of people to work with every day. I think we were kind of stunned all weekend.

Here’s the funny thing. All of our morning newscasts have a similar name. The Bay Area Today at 6am. Or, the Bay Area Today at 10, etc. So, I heard them announce – “The Bay Area…” – and I knew we won. I jumped out of my seat and ran up to the stage. But when I got to the podium I realized in the excitement I didn’t know for sure which of our nominations actually won! I had to check the big screen on stage to make sure.

Congrats to everyone on our crew!

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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