Strange But True


Scott McGrewAs you saw on our news, a portion of the Titantic’s hull is on display at the San Francisco Sony Metreon.

With that in mind, a bit of trivia for you: A stoker (engine room worker) on the Titanic named Frank “Lucks” Tower managed to survive the sinking of that ship, only to sign on with the Empress of Ireland, which capsized in the Saint Laurence Seaway, killing more than 2,000 people. That death toll was far higher than even the Titanic. In fact, it was the worst peacetime maritime disaster ever.

Tower was one of the only survivors.

Having his first two ships sink under him, he signed on with the — wait for it — Lusitania.

When a German torpedo hit the Lusitania, Tower is reported to have screamed “NOW what?”.

If this seems to you like a story that stretches credibility, you’re not alone. A young TV writer was so inspired by Tower’s odd experience that he penned a TV pilot based on odd experiences.

The young man’s name? Rod Serling. The TV show? The Twilight Zone.

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


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