Blogging Battle


Laura Garcia CannonBrent and I are often asked what it’s like to work side-by-side as a married couple day-in and day-out. Well, here’s an example of how it affects us so much we even think alike! I was going to write a blog about our 10am newscast winning an Emmy award for Northern California’s Best Daytime Newscast and he stole my thunder! He even had the same picture I picked posted with his blog.

I wanted to write about how unfortunate at times I think it is that you see our two mugs on the tv all the time – when the entire behind the scenes crew should be showcased. They are a talented bunch and without them we’d have nothing.. but he said that too!! I guess that explains what it’s like working with your mate day in and day out – we think alike, we can finish each others sentences. It’s great as a morning anchor team because that’s exactly what we are – a team. He watches out for me, and I watch out for him. I think you can probably definitely see it on air sometimes, as I am often stopped in the mall or out at the grocery store by people who say, “I love your chemistry,” “I love the way you look at him” ha ha – I guess it must be a ‘wife’ look – you know the ones – either “boy you’re great” or the look you give the husband when it’s time to leave the party? Well, I can’t fault him for this one… we need to give our crew as much credit as we get – they’re the best and if they’re reading this, guys and gals – we really appreciate all you do to make us look good!

Now, about those blogs Brent, I beat you to talk about the inspirational luncheon we hosted! The race is on buddy!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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