Perfect Birthday Meal


Brent Cannon

I recently celebrated another birthday and that got everybody talking about what their perfect birthday meal would be. Laura says, her mom’s tongue. I better explain. The homemade “lengua” (beef tongue) that her mom makes. Shannon likes her mom’s homemade flank steak – or maybe fondue. Mike and I were talking, and we had the same perfect birthday meal. Here it is: We begin with fresh, hot French bread and butter, then a cup of the best French onion soup you can get. The main course is a New York strip steak (a porterhouse is even better) with fettuccini alfredo. For dessert – cherries jubilee prepared and flamed tableside. Mike and I agree that bananas foster is also exquisite, and maybe the top choice, depending on your mood. Scott was thinking along the same lines. If it’s eating out he likes Outback Steakhouse. If he’s eating at home for his birthday he likes some sort of b-b-q. So, what’s your favorite? I’m getting hungry!

Brent Cannon

NBC11 Anchor


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