I’m Not Responsible


Mike InouyeWhoa. Hold on. This is not a comment on my abilities as a father, husband, employee or general member of society.

News is an odd thing sometimes.

Weekday mornings Brent and Laura bring you the news from around the Bay Area, and around the world. Victims, suspects, crimes, punishments, happy occasions and sad, they bring it all to you. They tell us about it, but they’re not directly responsible for it. People understand.

Scott brings you news of the business and technology sector. Stocks are up, or stocks are down. Companies grow and downsize. Gas prices dip by a pennies or soar out of control. None of this is Scott’s fault. We all wish he could control these things but (so far as he tells us) he can’t. We understand. People understand.

With traffic, sometimes it’s a non-issue. Roads are clear and everyone’s happy.
Sometimes, though, traffic is bad. Sometimes horrendous. THIS is when I get calls, Email, stopped on the street. We in the Bay Area are passionate about our commutes and the time they take. When things go bad, we all want someone to blame. Unfortunately, even though I report them, the traffic conditions are not under my control. People just have to understand.

Now, regarding the weather… you’ll have to talk to Shannon about that! 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor/Messenger


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