I Was Moved


Bob Redell
My photographer Rob and I went to Morgan Hill yesterday to cover a story about company under investigation by the feds. We did our first live report at 5 and were in the live truck waiting to do our next report for 6. At around 5:25… something started shaking the van. At first, I thought someone outside was playing a prank on us. (This wasn’t out of the realm. Just a few weeks ago, some clowns threw a chocolate shake on our van.) Then I’m thinking maybe someone’s revving their car up against our van. (Again. Not out of the realm. A few years ago, someone rear ended us. Fortunately, no one was hurt too badly.) Turns out it was that 4.7 earthquake everyone was talking about. Fortunately for you, a digital camera happened to be taking pictures as this happened.

Here are the pre-quake pix of me and Rob:
And here are the post quake pics:
Bob Redell
NBC11 Reporter

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