Make Father’s Day Everyday!!


Laura Garcia CannonWith Father’s day in mind, I can’t help to think about my dear Dad. The greatest male figure in my life growing up he really helped to sculpt the person I am today.

I grew up in a small town in Central California. One of those main street U.S.A. places where the milk man used to make home deliveries a few times a week, a paper boy made the rounds at homes along with the ice cream man, and everyone knew your name no matter where you seemed to go.

Being on TV in the Bay Area, about 200 miles from my hometown, I’m flattered that people can still call me by name, but there’s something different about my name when I’m here. I’m “Laura Garcia Cannon”, “that TV lady”, “boy are you tinier in person girl!”. All great, all true and without viewers recognizing me, I probably wouldn’t be here, but something about my name changes when I head to the small town where I grew up… I turn into “Mike Garcia’s daughter” and I love it.

My Dad ran a successful retail business in the small town where I grew up. Great for us kids who always had a summer job, but poor Dad always ended up taking the hired help (his kids) out to lunch as well as putting up with us coming in late, and wanting off early to catch a summer movie in the one theatre in town. There was never a stranger to Mike Garcia, whenever he talked to you, you felt like you were the only person in the room. He taught me about relationships with people and why they’re so important. He taught me how to listen, he taught me how to care. He taught me laughter, love and respect and what it means to give to others. He taught me that hard work pays off and to never give up on your goals. He taught me how to make smart decisions, save for a rainy day, and even as a young kid, taught me all about stocks and bonds and finances. He taught me that I could do anything, and instilled family values in me, stronger than virtually anyone I know. He taught me how to tie my shoe, ride a bike, how to put my feet on his, to learn to dance. He taught me how to find laughter in anything and to take care of the ones you love. He taught me to do well in school, to respect God and others and of course the virtual Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them done to you. He also taught me how important laughter is in living life.

As Father’s Day approaches I can’t wait to go home to hug my Dad and thank him again and again for all that he’s done for me. The sacrifices he and my Mom have made to raise 4 children, send them all to college and to be there for us whenever we needed. I remember the day I got married to Brent, my Dad whispered to me as I danced the father-daughter dance, “I guess there’s a new guy in your life now!”. I tearfully replied, “No Dad, no one will ever replace you!” I’ll always be proud to be recognized as “Mike Garcia’s daughter”, nothing can ever change that, or the way I love him.

Laura Garcia Cannon
Mike Garcia’s Daughter
NBC11 Anchor


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