Barefoot and Pregnant – AGAIN!


Shannon O'Donnell

My friend Amy Hollyfield is a reporter at KGO, and recently having had a beautiful baby girl, she attended one of the ‘Mommy-Baby Groups’ that have become so popular. She was explaining to one of the other mommies what she does for a living, who then remarked, “I think I saw that weather girl from NBC at Starbucks yesterday, you know, the one that’s ALWAYS pregnant?” A-hem. First of all, after four years of ‘Cloud Physics,’ ‘Differential Equations’ and ‘Atmospheric Chemistry’ a la the intensive program I battered my way through at the University of Washington, it’s ‘Meteorologist.’ And secondly, ALWAYS pregnant??

I know it may seem like I just went through this, with my ever-expanding-belly blocking the view of the weather maps, but in reality, my children will be almost two years apart…if born on the due date, the separation between the two will be about 20 months. A little sooner than we’d expected to have our second, but not COMPLETELY insane. Don’t most people tend to have their kids two years apart?

And it’s not just me…you may have noticed that our weekend anchor Kris Sanchez is pregnant. Additionally, we have three or four other women that work behind the cameras that are also ‘with-child’ these days. Amy has often said that there is something ‘in the water’ at KGO too, as so many women are pregnant there in any given year.

So why is it that you can tune into almost any Bay-Area news station and catch a very-pregnant news anchor or reporter staring back at you? I think it’s ‘due’ to the size of our TV market. You probably wouldn’t find the same thing if you were watching in say, Eureka, as that tends to be more of a starter-market where many a newscaster is fresh out of college and not really in ‘baby-mode’ yet. Many of us aspire to make it to a city like San Francisco/San Jose, and at that point, we’re usually in our late 20s/early 30s…the same time many of us are settling down, getting married and, you guessed it, starting our families. With all of the stories we run on fertility problems catching up with you if you wait too long, you know the clock is ticking. So, what can you do?

For your map-viewing convenience, I now usually do the weather from behind the desk. But fair warning…we DO want at least one more…! Maybe at that point you can fairly call me the one who is ‘always pregnant’….!

Shannon O’Donnell

NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist

P.S. In my earlier blog, I mentioned the tendency to wear heels to work…in my current state, they don’t stay on long once at the office. They just get too uncomfortable after awhile. I honestly do walk around here ‘barefoot and pregnant’!


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