Hooked on Fly Fishing


Brent CannonI like fly fishing. I used to go with my dad when I was a kid in Colorado in places like the Frying Pan River near Aspen. Back then it was no big deal. These days it an extremely popular gold medal river with all kinds of restrictions and limits.

As I grew up, I got away from fly fishing. I don’t know why. But a few years ago it hit me – I wanted to go again. And I caught the bug all over again. Seems more and more people are picking up the sport. I went to the Tahoe area with a friend of mine recently. He had never been before and wanted to learn. We spent a little time learning to cast – practicing in his backyard pool.

Finally, we got out to a ‘real’ river. We didn’t catch a thing. Not even a bite. The only bites we got were from mosquitoes. I have never seen mosquitoes like this before. Luckily, we had tons of “OFF” – but still. I looked at my buddy and his baseball cap was covered with ’em! They were
all over his shirt. And he was looking at me funny – and I instantly knew why. They were all over me too! All I could think of was the West Nile stories we do all the time. Anyway – we didn’t catch fish – but being on a real river with real conditions was a great benefit and learning opportunity for my buddy. Besides, I think the thing I like about fly fishing is not only catching fish – but just being out there.

Being out in nature – hiking in – discovering new places – seeing amazing wildlife. If you don’t catch anything, it is still a good day. The next day we went to one of my more favorite places. Of course, most fishermen don’t give their secret places away to the masses, so I can’t tell you where we went. This time we were in luck from the beginning. I had a fish on on one of my first casts. And the next thing you know, my buddy had netted his first trout caught fly fishing. In fact, you might say he was hooked more than the fish.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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