No Baby Yet


Shannon O'DonnellViewer e-mail to NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist John Farley:
Dear John, I haven’t heard anything about Shannon’s baby. What’s the news? Send her our love and best wishes from the Brady Bunch in Novato. Mrs. B.

So… no baby yet! We’ve received various e-mails into the weather center like the one above, and I’m embarrassed to answer them as people are obviously thinking I’ve long since had the baby by now. I know it’s looked like I’ve been ‘about to pop’ now for months on end, but I’m actually not due for another couple of weeks…! I’m not sure why I look so big, as I’ve honestly only gained 23 pounds as of last week’s doctor appointment (with my first pregnancy I gained almost SIXTY! Most of which came on as massive quantities of water weight in the final weeks of pregnancy, making for very uncomfortable rhinoceros-style ankles a la Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in the movie ‘Shallow Hal’), but standing at only 5’2″ probably doesn’t help (I usually fib and say I’m 5’3″, but realize that in trying to explain my current wider-than-I-am-tall state-of-being, it is in my best interest to divulge my actual height). And you know, that whole ‘camera adds 10 pounds’ thing. Ack, I don’t know! For some reason I’ve looked nine months pregnant for about seven months now.

At any rate, I DO still work here at NBC. I’ve moved from the morning newscast for now, and am instead working weekends until I go on full maternity leave. I went into ‘early labor’ during the morning shift in mid-June, and with contractions coming every 3 minutes for a few hours, my doctor (and especially, my very over-protective HUSBAND) thought it best that I take a break from getting up at 3 am (usually on just four or five hours of sleep–our toddler is a bit of a night owl). However, I was able to talk everyone into letting me come back just a few nights a week, which made the weekend shift the perfect fit for now. The baby is doing just fine, and the contractions are now few and far between.

I definitely miss the crazy, fun, non-stop pace of the morning shift, and look forward to returning to that schedule in the fall. In the meantime, thanks for the well-wishes, and I’ll blog again soon, baby-or-not!

Shannon O’Donnell
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist

P.S. You know how I blogged last time about that Mommy-group gal who claimed that I was ‘pregnant all the time’…well, who did I run into at my beloved Coffee Bean (yes, I had decaf, thanks for checking) on Fillmore after my last doctor appointment…?! Can you believe it? Here she probably innocently thinks she can mention my ever-pregnant state to a group of gals without it coming back to her, and I (maybe NOT so innocently) believe I can blog about her commenting on it…and as fate would have it, we meet a week later. I think we were both mutually embarrassed for ribbing the other one, never knowing that we’d actually bump into one another. Anyway, we had a nice laugh and hug over it–hilarious!


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