Star Encounter


Brent CannonLaura and I were recently on assignment in New York. I always enjoy the Big Apple. There is so much going on; the people, the food, the lights Broadway. You never know who you might run into. Laura and I saw people from the Bay Area, but sometimes you see big stars too. I love Central Park – and we were walking through one afternoon when we had a brush with fame. We came up a set of stairs and found several people standing around. In New York, you never know what the commotion might be over. But as we rounded the corner, there was Vanessa Williams. Laura had our digital camera and started shooting. I’m pointing to Vanessa in one picture – and you can see a close-up in another.

Brent & Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams in Central Park Vanessa Williams in Central Park

She was in the middle of a shoot for a new film. Laura and I stuck around for a moment to watch. We didn’t want to bother Ms. Williams while she was in the middle of work, but I asked one of the crew about the film. He said it is called “Who Needs ‘Em?” – about a couple who breaks up. The crew member did not know if it will be a made for TV movie or on the big screen. He said it is an independent film right now and they are not only shooting – but they are also in negotiations for release – and that will determine where we might see it. But keep an eye out for Vanessa Williams and “Who Needs ‘Em?” In a few more days, I’ll be able to share details about the work Laura and I were doing in N.Y.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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