“Escaping” (Hiding From) the Heat


Tom F. StilwellLet’s start off with some introductions. I’m one of the morning producers here at NBC11. I generally only come out of my cave to work. That way, you can sleep through all the events happening overnight and wake up to watch them with us. However, that pesky sun has other ideas.

It is 7:00 Monday night now. It is 93° INSIDE my house. I’m sure most of you feel my pain because I’m pretty certain I ran into about 10% of the Bay Area’s population throughout the weekend.

Saturday, fellow overnight producer, John Peck, had a fantastic idea. Let’s beat the heat and escape to the coast. Off we go. We took Page Mill Rd. from the Peninsula all the way to the coast. (It turns into Alpine Rd. when it meets Skyline and later into Pescadero Rd.) It is not for the faint of heart. It is a wandering, crooked road that follows the edge of a mountain. However, it is gorgeous. It even passes a secluded patch of Redwoods before you connect with Highway 84 (La Honda Rd) to drive the last couple of miles to the ocean. Magnificent.

As we approach San Gregorio beach, we see a line of parked cars… at least a half-mile back. If a beach can be crowded beyond capacity it is. We turn North towards Half Moon Bay for lunch. Every beach we pass has a full parking lot and cars parked out on the highway. It would seem everyone has driven to the coast. We end up at a restaurant at Pillar Point Harbor. In the morning at my East Bay home, my temperature gauge read 110°. At lunch when I park… 73°!!! What a great place to live. In an hour, I’m on the beach!

We ended up at Pescadero State Beach. John traversed the rocks. I figured out the ocean water is cold!

Then came the Sunday extravaganza. I slowly started to figure out that sleeping during the day would be a tough sell this week. I decided to cave in and buy a portable air conditioning unit. It was obviously not a unique idea.

I drove to the biggest warehouse electronics store. As I’m walking in, I watch one, two, three, four, uh oh, five people walk out with exactly what I’m hoping to buy. Inside, there was a line of at least 30 people with shopping carts. Big trouble. I ask someone in line, and they say there may be 4-5 units left. They’re in line hoping to outlast everyone else. I ended up driving to at least five different stores. Every single one of them was sold out. I gave up when the salesman at a Ma & Pa store said they heard A/C was sold out in the entire Bay Area. Heck, the grocery store was even sold out of ice.

So, here I am. Waiting for the sun to fall, the mercury to dip and a cold wave to come through. Remember when the rain made for a very destructive, wet winter? (Rain, Rain, Go Away! Blog) Rain, rain, please come back.

If you’ve got some great photos of how you’re beating the heat click here to submit them to NBC11.com. And you can find some tips to survive the heat here.

Tom Stilwell
NBC11 Producer


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