Wheeling and Mealing


Mike InouyeI’ve got to be honest, I’m not really a racing fan.

I don’t dislike racing, I just don’t follow it closely enough to call myself a fan.

In fact, this year’s San Jose Grand Prix is only the second race I’ve seen live (the first being the 2005 SJGP.)

The Champ Cars were truly impressive with their surprisingly loud engines and even though I didn’t know the drivers well, it was easy for me to root for the hometown favorite A.J. Allmendinger after hearing about his past few months.

With that said, the weekend wasn’t just about the Champ Cars. If you came down to the event, you’ll know what I mean. There was activity on the track from the moment construction was complete to the final checkered flag.

One of my favorites was the “Drift Racing” with its artistic, almost balletic, skidding, sliding and “drifting” down the course. Basically the drivers would get “squirrelly” thru the city streets. You can see samples of the weekend fun visiting our Grand Prix page but you can slide on over to some cool drifting video by clicking here too.

One other SJGP activity I really enjoyed was hosting “Meal or No Meal” (our version of the NBC game show “Deal or No Deal”) at the NBC11 booth that weekend. While I enjoy giving away great meals to fantastic eateries at festivals all around the Bay Area, this one was an extra special treat for all involved.

Howie Mandel has his “Deal of No Deal” entourage and we were fortunate enough to get our help from nineteen contestants vying for the title of “2006 Miss San Jose Grand Prix”. As an added treat, Amanda Scott (2005 Miss San Jose Grand Prix) also came to lend a hand. Check out the slideshow. (Jennifer Field, our number fifteen, won the title of 2006 Miss SJGP later that evening.)

Mike Inouye hosting 'Meal or No Meal'

As you can tell, we all had a great time and we gave away some great prizes: a couple hundred bucks to eat at some great San Jose restaurants and a bunch of tickets to see “Champions on Ice” at the HP Pavilion.

We’ll continue to have a ton of fun and give away some more cool stuff at other events throughout the year. Check our schedule and remember to swing by the NBC11 Peacock Pavilion (our booth) and ask what’s going on. My next stop? The Fremont Festival of the Arts.

See you there.

Deal? šŸ˜‰

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Mike or No Mike
NBC11 Traffic Anchor/Game Show Host


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