New Guy


Laura Garcia CannonThere’s a new guy in my life. Yes, that’s right, I said it and I mean it. His name, is Chip. Brent knows all about him. He’s cool with it too. In fact, he introduced us. We met over the weekend and I fell head over heels in love. I fell fast and I fell hard. Chip’s got me wrapped around his finger, except, well, it’s more like he has me wrapped around his paw. All 1/2 an inch of it.

Chip is the newest addition to the Cannon household, 1.8 pounds of pure Yorkie heaven. Who knew something so small could melt a heart so quickly? I didn’t think I could ever love like this again (wait a minute, that sounds like some crazy love song) but seriously, I’ve turned sappy over this yapper! After losing my beloved “Scout” (14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier – God Bless her) last February (you probably didn’t notice but I wore black for a few weeks I was in such mourning, I’m surprised I can even write about her now!).. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a new dog for a while. She was, and always will be irreplaceable.. and I think that was my hang-up. I had to convince myself I wasn’t replacing Scout, just sharing the love
for a new little pup, and boy do I love Chip. So much so, that I’m losing sleep over him. Quite a bit in fact. For you HDTV’ers you know what I mean, check out all the concealer under my eyes to cover the dark circles! I’m getting up every three hours at night to try to housebreak him, and while it’s working, I’m dying!! But something about that little furry face and puppy breath takes all the pain of it away in a flash. That warm little nose on my chin and just that “happiness to see you” look he gives me at two in the morning makes it all worth it. It’s paying off too! Did I mention he’s brilliant? Ok, ok I know every pet owner thinks their pet is the end all – but bear with me.. just look at our first “family” picture!! What’s even funnier about it is I actually got Brent to sit in one of those picture taking kiosks at the mall usually filled with teenagers to take it!! He didn’t even hesitate. He knew I was high as a kite with my new little Chip on my shoulder!

So, the next time you turn on the TV and think, geez she looks a little more tired than normal, or if I stumble on a few words here and there, I know you’ll see past the dark circles and see the eyes of one happy girl, with a new little Chip in her life.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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