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Game Injury

September 19, 2006

Brent CannonFootball is a contact sport and from time to time, people get hurt. That includes players as well as fans. I got hurt during the fourth quarter of the Colorado vs Arizona State game. Yep – I admit it. I was watching the game on our bedroom TV, and decided to sit on the bed. I jumped up, and when the mattress sagged, somehow my left thumb bent in a funny way. I hear a loud “snap.” I thought maybe I had broken it. But I could move it, and eventually decided I had popped the lower joint near the palm. It hurt like heck. Laura brought me an ice pack right away and we managed to keep the swelling down. I had to play (watch) the rest of the game hurt. Sometimes a fan has to suck it up and finish the game. You can’t let the team down. Lucky for me I “hunt and peck” when I type at work – so, I’m doing fairly well as an injured anchor. But, have you ever tried tying a tie with only one good thumb? I hope to be fully recovered and ready to play (watch) by game time this weekend.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor



September 1, 2006

Mike InouyeCommuters know, and fear, the term “Sig Alert.” Most know it as the thing in the area they want to avoid. That’s about it.

This Labor Day Weekend is the 51st Anniversary of the first broadcast “Sig Alert.” Visit one of my earlier blog entries for details on the term’s origin and astound your friends with this knowledge. (Maybe “astound” is too strong of a word.)

Hey, at least Scott McGrew isn’t as old as the SigAlert. 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor