Game Injury


Brent CannonFootball is a contact sport and from time to time, people get hurt. That includes players as well as fans. I got hurt during the fourth quarter of the Colorado vs Arizona State game. Yep – I admit it. I was watching the game on our bedroom TV, and decided to sit on the bed. I jumped up, and when the mattress sagged, somehow my left thumb bent in a funny way. I hear a loud “snap.” I thought maybe I had broken it. But I could move it, and eventually decided I had popped the lower joint near the palm. It hurt like heck. Laura brought me an ice pack right away and we managed to keep the swelling down. I had to play (watch) the rest of the game hurt. Sometimes a fan has to suck it up and finish the game. You can’t let the team down. Lucky for me I “hunt and peck” when I type at work – so, I’m doing fairly well as an injured anchor. But, have you ever tried tying a tie with only one good thumb? I hope to be fully recovered and ready to play (watch) by game time this weekend.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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