Shannon’s Special Delivery


Laura Garcia CannonA New Baby!!

There must be something in the water around here at NBC11 because there are always new babies to celebrate! This time, it’s the son of our Morning Meteorologist Shannon O’Donnell! I’m bringing you the news on the blog, because, quite frankly, Shan has her hands full! Jack Robert was born in late August, weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. He joins big brother Nicholas who is about 4 months shy of 2 years old. See why Shannon is busy??? She does have the incredible help of her wonderful husband, Pete who now says he’s just shy of a foursome of guys for golf!

Both children are a joy and Shannon is a wonderful mother. You may have seen her grow month by month on the air which is probably hard for a woman to go through on live daily television, but in Shannon’s true style she did it with such grace! Shannon says the birth was easy too! Lucky girl, she said the biggest pain was the IV!

Shannon called me right before Brent and I went on the air to anchor the 10am news one day to tell us she had the baby. We could hardly contain our excitement of getting off the air to go visit the less than 24 hour old bundle of joy!!.. and visit Shannon of course, but everyone knows I’m baby crazy!! Shannon calls me the baby whisperer as I love to rock them to sleep. As soon as the newscast was over, Brent, Craig Herrera (who has been helping out to fill in for Shannon on Maternity leave) and I jumped in the car and headed to San Francisco to visit!

The pictures here were taken that day with a little camera we bought in the gift shop of the hospital. Our visit was so spur of the moment, none of us wanted to waste time going home to get a camera! Shannon wouldn’t let us put in any pictures of her, although she looked wonderful! But being a girlfriend – I had to respect her wishes and not share them with the world . Just had to explain why all the pictures are of us holding Jack and not Shannon.

It was amazing holding this little bundle – not even 24 hours old, filled with an entire life ahead of him. So much hope, promise and adventure awaiting…. What a blessing! A true little miracle of life that we’re really celebrating here on the morning team. Congratulations again Pete and Shan!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


One Response to “Shannon’s Special Delivery”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations, Shannon! and thank you Laura for posting this news. We watch your team every morning, and consider you guys our friends. Funny, because you don’t know us, but it’s true! We missed Mike in January, when he had a new baby, and we miss Shannon now. Yours is definitely the best morning news show in our market. We discovered your team when we were looking for morning reports on the weather — and let me say that NBC 11 has it covered! No other station has such intelligent and valuable weather coverage. But through that, we got hooked. We love you guys!!

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