Computer Guru


Brent Cannon For a fleeting moment, I was the computer guru! I must confess I am competent enough (usually) to be able to log on and operate my work and home computers. But if anything goes wrong – I’m sunk. I’m not solving any programming issues. My solution: reboot. Rebooting takes care of a lot of problems. Now that we have a clearer understanding of my computer literacy – it’s easy to understand why I am a little excited over recent events. My niece and nephew – 12 and 10 respectively – got new iPods the other day. Somehow, getting set up fell on the shoulders of Uncle Brent. I accepted the challenge. Yes – for a brief hour or two – I was the man. I was the hip guy who knew what was up. I had the knowledge.

I downloaded iTunes – set up the iPods – and taught the children how to download a CD – make play lists – and how to shop iTunes (hey, it ain’t my money)! The glory was short lived. Having never seen iTunes in her life, my 12 year old niece figured out you can get artwork of your favorite artists to go along with their songs. And when a picture did not come with one of her favorite singers, it took her about three seconds to figure out how to find his picture on the web – clip it – download it – and get it into iTunes and her iPod. But for a brief moment in time – I was da man!

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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