I’m Going To Be A Nino!


Craig HerreraI now understand the beauty of being a father… sort of. I’M GOING TO BE A GODFATHER!

My cousin LaVerne (who is more like my sister because we grew up together and we are very close) and her husband Jeff had a baby girl a few months ago. I recently went to Denver to see the new miracle, Elliana. She is so beautiful, so happy, and such a joy! With her full head of silky dark hair and sparkling bright eyes she’s already a knockout!!!

Well, on the last day of my trip, Jeff and Laverne asked me a question that surprised me in such a wonderful way… “Will you be her Nino?” OH MY GOODNESS, YES! I never expected it! But I have to say I am so honored and proud. And as you might guess, I can’t wait to spoil that baby girl… after all that’s what a Nino (knee-no) is supposed to do right? Well, that, and help be a supportive role model to Elli. (A Nino is an abbreviation for the Spanish word, Padrino, meaning Godfather). I have to say that question brought this grown man to tears. I held Elli in my arms and she fell asleep. I was so proud, just as I am now!

During my trip I actually cried twice! (Now you get to see the softer side of Craig). The first tears came when we took Elli to the doctor’s office for her two-month checkup. YIKES! Are you ready for this, if you’re a parent you already know, they gave her four shots… all at once! OUCH! And they weren’t slow either, but rather pow, pow, pow and pow… one, two, three and four almost instantaneously! She was so happy and cooing just before the needles, then the shots came and it was all over. Her little face said it all. She looked around as if wondering “what in the world was that?” Then the tears followed up with loud screams. I looked over at mom, and she was crying, then I started to shake and tear up (I don’t like needles to begin with). As I’m writing this I laugh now, but I really did hurt when it happened! It was the hardest part of the trip, yet a special part of the visit that I will never forget! The two-month checkup with little Elli will always be a special memory in my heart!

During the remainder of the trip, I enjoyed talking with LaVerne and Jeff about Elli, and all that life has in store for us! I am looking forward to this new journey in my life, helping to guide hers! I hope I can be the best Nino in the world, as great as mine was, LaVerne’s dad. Funny how life comes full circle in some ways! Please, wish me luck and wisdom as Elli grows up in this world as we all help to guide her path. I will start by showing her how to laugh and enjoy the wonderful things in life! What do you think?

Oh by the way, earlier, I think I wrote that I shed tears twice, well make that three times. The third time was when LaVerne and Elli left me at the airport in Denver so I could fly back to my home here in the Bay Area. All I can say is… sorry Mile High City, Elli is going to be a Bay Area girl part-time. I can’t wait to show her around our beautiful Bay Area!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


One Response to “I’m Going To Be A Nino!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a Great looking family all my best to you three.

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