Trx on Treats

Mike InouyeFirst an explanation: at the station, we affectionately abbreviate “Traffic” as “TRX” (pronounced “tricks.”) Weather is WX = “wicks.” Thus, you have “Tricks and Wicks on the 1s” every weekday morning. Faithful morning viewers know this schedule and they may have also seen a picture of my son in his first-ever Halloween costume yesterday morning. Though it looks like he’s a “chicken,” my wife and I both contend that he is NOT. We don’t, however, agree on what he IS.

My wife says he’s a “baby rooster” as his sign in the Chinese Zodiac is Rooster. I argue that since we’re not Chinese, and he’s not Chinese, he need not be labeled as such. Admittedly, it’s much easier to find a “baby rooster” costume than it is to find a “baby Capricorn” costume.
I maintain the belief that he’s honoring his father and going not as a “chick-en” but as a “chick-let,” the term by which I refer to the moving color capsules on my traffic maps.

Whatever the case, never let it be said that I force my child to do anything I wouldn’t do myself, I rigorously tested the outfit out before putting him in it.

– Test #1: Just like the space programs of old, I first tested the outfit on our friend Curious George. Things went well but George seemed to be a little less curious after his test run than he had been before.
– Test #2: Human test run. Daddy evaluated the tensile strength of the material and the insulation factor for projected night conditions (based upon data provided by WX.)
– Test #3: Dry run. This photo was taken during this final phase in the testing procedure. During this phase, Subject was exposed to several items he was expected to encounter and came thru with flying colors. Subject was able to manipulate small and midsized gourds while maintaining a general “Fowl Air” about him. (Shortly after the photo was taken, however, a different sort of foul air was noted about him, the testing was terminated and his diaper was changed.)
We are pleased to report a successfully nonplussed Chicklet has arrived home from a night of “Trx or Treating” and is now sleeping soundly.

You know… I’m thinking that calling my son’s first costume a “Chick-let” might be even worse than calling it a “chick-en.” Maybe I should have said he was a “Cockadoodle-Dude.”

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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