My Name is Michelle and I Like Cats


Michelle HechtA friend recently gave me a year’s worth of “Cat Fancy” magazines. There was a library magazine swap and she thought of me. Cloud nine? No, I was on cloud ninety-nine. Yes, I love cats. She, on the other hand, is not a fan and made sure to tell me how she immediately hid the magazines in her trunk. I can’t blame her, because I used to be just like her. That is until the day two years ago a stray cat brought her newborn to our porch. That changed everything and for the better.

It’s dreadful to say now, but I wasn’t quite sure if we were going to keep him at first. But after his mother weaned him, we took him to the vet, and I filled two albums with kitten photos, we decided he was in fact our son. We named him Fluffy.

In the process of growing to love cats, I found myself in denial. Whenever I talked to people about Fluffy, I would emphasize his canine attributes. I wanted to separate him from any cat stereotypes. Some people have an unfavorable opinion of cats and think they’re these obstinate, unloving fur balls of attitude. I thought if they could see him more as a dog than a cat any negative opinions would be nipped in the bud. To get a better idea, here’s a typical conversation:

Me: My cat is just like a puppy. He follows us all around the house!
Innocent bystander: How cute.
Me: And he comes when called.
Innocent bystander: Really?
Me: And he doesn’t sleep all day like other cats.
Innocent bystander: That’s nice.
Me: We even played fetch as a kitten. And for a time, he walked on a leash.
Innocent bystander: Amazing.
Me: He wouldn’t walk per se, but rather played limp, so we had to stop that. But he’s still just like a puppy. And he looks like one, too!

I would then proceed to whip out my photo albums.

It may not seem bad, and in fact it was all true, since cats have numerous qualities typically associated with dogs, along with many of their own. However, I needed to support him as a cat and not hide all my acclaim in dog’s clothing. It’s difficult, because even though cats are popular pets, they still seem to get a bad rap. I suppose old wives’ tales and misunderstandings are to blame. People just have to remember that all our pets – cats, dogs, ferrets, etc. – only have unconditional love for us and are living, breathing, feeling and devoted creatures. They rely on us for care, kindness and love no matter how obstinate they may appear.

It’s a constant process, but I think I have now successfully removed “like a puppy” from my vocabulary. Fluffy is happy about that. Now, do you want to see some photos?

Michelle Hecht
NBC11 Production Assistant


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  1. Los Gatos Says:

    Thats a cute kitty nice blog

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