Thanksgiving to Remember


Brent CannonWe are just about ready to host family for Thanksgiving. Laura and I went to the store and bought all the things we’ll need to make a great meal. But I always remember one of my early Thanksgivings away from home. I was a young sportscaster living in Fresno. My sister decided to come out so I wouldn’t be alone. She planned to attempt her first turkey. Since I anchored the sports on the eleven p.m. news, I got home late and usually would not get up until about ten a.m. So, my sister said she’d get up and start the turkey and by the time I got up I might smell it roasting in the oven. Everything was going according to plan. I got up at about ten and sure enough, I was beginning to smell the turkey cooking. My sister – bless her heart – was so excited and said, “Don’t worry about anything – the turkey is cooking and I have it locked in the oven.” Locked in the oven? I asked, “What do you mean, locked in the oven?” She showed me how she pushed the lever over. The lever? That’s the cleaning mechanism. Once you do that, you can’t open the oven. In just minutes, it would be well over 500 degrees in there. The turkey was going to be scorched. I had to get my tools out and take the top off the stove in order to get to the locked arm on the oven and take it apart – in order to stop the cleaning process! Meanwhile, the oven was getting hotter and hotter and it was difficult to work on the arm and the stovetop. But, I got it off and stopped the oven cleaning. I put everything back together and we were able to resume cooking. A disaster averted. And Thanksgiving dinner was a hit. But that became a family tale that we still tell. In fact, I think I’ll go give my sister a call right now and reminder her again. Ha ha!

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


One Response to “Thanksgiving to Remember”

  1. Sean Franzen Says:

    My fiance and I popped a bottle of bubbly this morning. We had it in the cupboard anxiously waiting for Shannon’s return. And to our pleasant surprise, we woke up this morning to the stylish weather maven, sitting beside Brent! Welcome Back! We’ve missed you!
    P.S. I locked a pizza in my oven in the same manner… only I didn’t get it back for over a week — after it had gone through the cleaning cycle, and after taking the stovetop apart. Hands off the lock when you cook, you’ll be sorry!

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