Gosh Darned Gravy Boat


Scott McGrew

Okay, I don’t think I can start my blog post without commenting on Laura’s post below. Their marriage really is that strong. It has to be, really, because they spend all their workday together, they commute together. I’m not sure what they would say, but as an outside observer, I think the key to their strong marriage is patience with each other.

Now my wife will probably kill me for telling this story, but my best “marriage and the holidays” story actually involves an argument.

You see, way back in the previous century when we were engaged, we decided our wedding would be in Chicago, my hometown. During a brief trip there a few months before the wedding, we realized we needed to register for wedding gifts and had about an hour to do it before our plane left. This was back before the Internet — I’m sure it’s easier now — but back then we had to physically go to Marshall Fields and fill out a piece of paper listing the things we wanted.

So imagine having an hour to look through four of five floors of a department store to come up with about one hundred different items that 1) you want 2) are appropriate for a wedding gift 3) are realistic for your guests to afford.

There was a lot of pressure, in other words, and at one point one of us lost it and said “I really don’t care about the Gosh Darned gravy boat.” Only it wasn’t Gosh Darned, if you follow.

We realized quickly that sliver serving dishes were not worth arguing over and laughed about it.

And ever since, at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, it’s been the “Gosh Darned (you know what I mean) Gravy Boat.” As in, “honey, these potatoes are delicious! Please pass the $*@% gravy boat.”

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


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