Christmas Memories


Brent Cannon

I’ve been recalling some of my favorite Christmas memories. We talk about how the weather has changed over the years – and it’s true. When I was a kid growing up in Denver, we seemed to get more snow storms and they were bigger. One year, I got a new bike, but there was so much snow I couldn’t go out to ride it for several days. I got a new Schwinn three speed “Spyder.” It had metallic green paint (metallic was kind of new back then) – and a banana seat – and a racing slick style tire on the back. Having multiple speeds was big. They had ten speeds, but not many kids had those – and there wasn’t any such thing as a 21 speed. No mountain bikes – no bikes with shocks, etc. I was thrilled. I loved that bike.

Another year, I got a tape recorder with a little microphone. I about wore the heads off that thing. We used to listen to my little transistor radio, and when we heard a song we liked, we’d hurry and record it on the tape recorder. But if anybody moved or spoke, coughed, laughed or what have you – you could hear it in the background when we played the song back. We filled tape after tape with our favorite songs. It was the best quality we could get in those days. Now I have an iPod and I make “playlists” on the computer. But many of the songs are the same.

I made a new Christmas memory this weekend. I was asked to be Santa at a Christmas party with dozens of little kids. I had to don an entire suit – glue on a beard – and paint my eyebrows. The reaction of the kids was
unforgettable. Only a couple were too afraid to sit on my lap. But I found, if I talked to them and let them take their time – they usually came over after a bit. Most couldn’t wait for Santa. Laura got a snapshot of one little boy – peeking out the curtains to see if Santa was coming yet.

One kid was skeptical. He wanted to know where my sleigh was. I told him I had the reindeer circling until I was done. Later, he asked if I knew his name. Lucky for me, I heard somebody say it – and knowing he was skeptical I remembered. He was stunned. I think he started to become a believer. A girl said I was looking younger. I told her I had been moisturizing. She didn’t seem to flinch. Another little boy said he thought he had seen elves around the house the past few days. I said I sent them to make sure my sled had a safe place to land. Is it wrong to lie to young children? Anyway, I told another kid I like cookies by the fireplace to keep me going during the big delivery on Christmas Eve. He was so excited he ran around the party and collected me a plate of cookies right there on the spot!

There were some older kids too. One teen had to sit on my lap as his mom snapped a picture. He quickly tried to leave – but I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back down and told him he had to stay a little longer until he was good and embarrassed. He was stunned – but then we both had a good laugh. I hope his mom gets him a good present. All in all, a good night and I am sure a Christmas memory to add to my list of favorites. By the way – it’s not so nice there now – but the forecast in Denver this Christmas – sunny and 44.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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