Jack Frostbite


Bob RedellThere’s nothing I hate more than warmth and sunlight. Thank goodness for North Pole, Alaska. I was up there just before Christmas, doing live shots in front of Santa’s house for us and NBC. The forecast called for minus 23 degrees. But fortunately for me, those forecasters were way off.

Phew… It was only minus 18 degrees. Pool Party!

Late morning sunrise. The sun never really got above the horizon. Only about four hours of sunlight. It’s really great – if you’re a vampire. Hey, talk about a serious bite.

Someone needed to feed the reindeer outside Santa’s house (where we did our live shots from.)

Donner went to town on that cable that belonged to Trent (our satellite truck guy from Anchorage.) BTW: People who live in Alaska are the ultimate survivalists: the McGyver’s of the North. Super nice people…. and they’re so environmental. Check out all those electric cars!

Oh, wait. Those are the plugs for the car heaters so the fluids in the engines don’t freeze up because it’s so freakin’ cold!

In all seriousness, Alaska is a beautiful place to visit. The air is so fresh. Don’t have to worry about traffic or large crowds. And the summers are something else. Spent part of July a long time ago at my great aunt and uncle’s cabin outside Anchorage. (They were homesteaders.) Cool thing was it never really got dark. The streams were loaded with salmon. And the views were extraordinary.

To get to North Pole, Alaska: Bay Area flight to Seattle to Anchorage to Fairbanks. North Pole is a little town about 15 minutes outside Fairbanks, about 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle. At least I didn’t have to worry about Jack Frost nipping at my toes. Even he was trying to borrow my gloves.

Bob Redell
NBC11 Reporter


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