Hair Raising Moments


Mike InouyeThis job with the morning show is fun but, let’s face it, I don’t need to be a daredevil to do it. My role consists mainly of monitoring reports, making maps, watching cameras and talking on the phone but last week I had a couple of hairy moments.

The first was when some folks from the San Diego Zoo came to visit. Some (okay most) who’ve worked in a newsroom know it can be zoo-like at times. This, however, was the real thing. Penguins, a lemur and a zebra roamed the front lawn. Next thing I knew, some HUGE birds were in the studio. After monkeying around with them for a few minutes (sans the actual monkey) we ended the show with Shannon, Brent, Laura and me flanked by two beautifully intimidating East African Crowned Cranes. I’d never been so close to a bird that big in my life. I was a bit stressed because Laura had just had her encounter with one of them (check back soon for her blog entry). I managed to get thru without injury but what’s more, I finally know what to call my hairstyle‚Ķ it’s the East African Crowned Crane-ium. What do you think? Hair twins?

The other was in preparation for Scott McGrew’s Gadget Friday. A young inventor came to the station with his Skate-Scepter; basically an outboard engine for your skateboard. Wonderful for those who may want to juice up their sidewalk surfing but it was a little scary for me. It had been years since I rode a skateboard. Even when I had ridden I was pretty horrible and I had never done it in a suit and tie. For safety’s sake, I wore a helmet.

For the sake of good manners neither Scott nor Will (the inventor of the Skate-Scepter) laughed at my timid attempts. When done I expected to have to fix my “helmet hair” before heading back for my last report of the day but to my surprise, the hair still stood. I was pleasantly surprised with my follicular fortitude.

Now this may be nothing compared to my colleagues and their hair raising feats: Bob Redell’s exploits in space capsules or at the North Pole, or Brent’s encounter with a killer whale… but who’s comparing?

I love my job, that’s for sure, and given my current coif I can honestly tell you that in order to get the East African Crowned Crane-ium going, EVERY day is a hair raising day.

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Hair Raising Traffic Anchor


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