“See” World


Laura Garcia CannonSometimes the adventures of a morning anchor go way beyond just reading stories and conducting interviews. That was the case recently when our own adventure reporter Bob Redell invited the folks from San Diego’s Sea World to visit our station. Bob has done interviews with them in the past. They unload the ‘wild’ animals in the front of the station and he usually does the interviews live, while experts describe why the Grey-Cheeked Mangabey prefers the rainforests just north of the Zaire River for example.

Well, Bob had some surprises up his sleeve this time, telling us a few minutes before our 10am newscast that they were going to be bringing a few birds into the studio this time. I thought, oh small birds, perhaps a medium sized Macaw?… uh… no, try a West African Crowned Crane – previously known for eating grass, seeds, corn, rice, insects, small reptiles, and fish but strangely enough now attracted to small morning news anchors pecking at their arms and gouging their eyes!!!

You see, when the cameras were out live on Bob at the front of the building, the animal handlers brought in these huge 5 foot cranes (huge to me – I’m about the same size) but they have a 78 inch wingspan. They jumped on the anchor set, started wildly fanning their wings sending our scripts flying everywhere. We were trying to listen to Bob out live in an interview when we had a little live chaos of our own behind the scenes. One particular crane seemed to like my jacket and jewelry and started pecking at my arm, hands then went for the face and my eyes!! Thank goodness I closed my lids! The bird swiped some skin off my lid. I tried not to let on I was bleeding from my eye and hand for the rest of the newscast, Brent didn’t even know, it was so crazy with the birds flying around. I just got up and left as soon as we said, “Goodbye thanks for joining us! ‘See’ you (no pun intended) tommorrow!” I was fine and so were the birds, just a little antibiotic gel and consealor hid my wound… but now it was the lemur and penguins walking around the newsroom we had to look out for. When they say a newsroom is a zoo of a place to work, they really mean it!!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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