Go Ahead, Bowl Me Over


Mike InouyeAs intended, these Blogs are a great window into the lives/personalities of our team. This one may help explain a lot about the way I think. Sometimes it can be kind of random. Purple. See?

The Super Bowl.

There’s just about as much hype and talk about the game as there is about the commercials, how much sponsors are willing to pay for spots, product placement and the like. I started to wonder how much it would cost to just sponsor the whole sh’bang. You know, like the “Tupperware Super Bowl.” Then I pictured a stadium with a removable roof, that you had to press to seal.

Or maybe the “Campbell’s Souper Bowl” for a little change. We’d have to spell it differently but the homophone would still flow off of the tongue.

Now, college bowl games are already sponsored, for instance the “Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.” While that particular pairing is perfect, I got to thinking…

With all due respect to the current sponsors, the bowl participants, and anyone else involved in putting together these events/partnerships, I would like to offer just a few suggestions of more interesting sponsor/event pairings.

Nutrasweet Sugar Bowl Played on artificial turf. Get it?
Splenda Sugar Bowl This is a newer, more current alternative to the option above
Apple Orange Bowl No comparison. (The players could further brand their shoulder and hip protection as iPads. Marketing!!!)
Gatorade Gator Bowl Refreshing, no?
Bad Boy Bailbonds Liberty Bowl Freeeeeeedooooom!
Sun Sun Bowl …or more ironic, the “Microsoft Sun Bowl”. A new battleground for a decades-old battle over operating systems.
SanDisk Alamo Bowl Since SanDisk makes flash memory, they would help you “Remember the Alamo Bowl.”

Now, admittedly my background in technology and the fact that I’m a Bay Area boy have given those examples a more Silicon Valley bent to them. I look to you and your friends for inspiration and a wider pool of options.

Click on the link below to add Comments to and add yours or to read what others have to suggest.

I’ll check in and read them too but for now, I gotta go get some Buffalo Wings for the game.

Mike Inouye
Master of Marketing
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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