Motivating Mottos


Brent Cannon

I often come up with some sort of kick – my latest trend – or project – or quest. And then I give it a name, or a slogan. For example, a few years ago I turned 40. Yes, I publicly admit it. I not only turned 40, but it was a few years ago. Going from 39 to 40 seemed weird to me. It was no big deal when I went from 29 to 30 – but 39 to 40 was weird. But, I decided to be better and stronger at 40 than I had been in previous years. So, I coined the phrase “fit by 40.” I started a few months before my 40th birthday with the goal to be as fit by 40 as I could be. Keep in mind I have always worked out. I was active in little league sports as a kid – often jogged and worked out at a local gym through junior high (now middle school) and high school. I was an athlete in college. I have worked out, played basketball, lifted weights, played golf, etc. almost on a daily basis ever since I graduated from college. So, topping all of that in my “fit by 40” campaign required a little bit of an effort. But I did it. And I still go to the gym four times a week, and attempt some sort of activity the rest of the days of the week. I keep a log so that I can see if I am as fit – stronger – or slipping a bit compared to previous years.

So, now my new campaign. It’s called “drawer to drawer.” Laura and I have accumulated a fair amount of stuff over the years. It is usually organized and put away stuff – but it’s still a lot of stuff. And since it’s in drawers or cabinets – we often just add to the stuff – and pretty soon you don’t know what stuff you have anymore. The only way to attack it is “draw by drawer.” Closet by closet. Cabinet by cabinet. This is not a one time, massive project. No. Instead, we take one drawer at a time. Pick one – any one. And go through it. Just one. Then come back another day and do another. Just one. I figure, if we keep it up all year, we’ll eventually get to them all. We’ll find the stuff worth keeping, and weed out the stuff we can do without. The problem I see right now is that sometimes we can bring stuff in faster than we can weed it out. But, we have a start, and hopefully we will keep managing our stuff, so our stuff doesn’t manage us. By the way – we recently had an author on who wrote a book about “fit by 40.” Looks like I missed an opportunity for a book deal. Maybe somebody is writing “Drawer by drawer” right now!

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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