Flight of the Raptor


Laura Garcia Cannon

I love animals. Anyone that knows me well knows it. I feed the birds outside my house, take careful steps to correctly mix the proper amount of sugar water for the hummingbirds, and of course cater to my puppy Chip who I often write about in my blogs. But I haven’t given due time to the other furry face in our household and that’s our cat… named Mouse. He got the name when a weatherman and photographer at the station we worked at in Phoenix found the little guy and 4 other 3 day old kittens on the rooftop of our building. They were up there to do a live report on a big storm moving in, and heard a faint cry of kittens. They found them behind a air conditioning unit. Sopping wet. Everyone figured the mother cat gave birth up there because it was safe, far way from a nearby field where a fox would prowl.

The crew brought the kittens down to the newsroom and plopped them down next to me. “Here, take care of these,” they said. I love animals but I’ve never owned a cat. I didn’t know the first thing to do! Luckily we had a humane society person who regularly visited the set who gave us all advice on how to care for these tiny little beings. Five of us decided to do our part and make a difference saving these little kittens. None of us knew we’d keep them!! I never had a cat, always declared myself more of a ‘dog’ person than a ‘cat’ person. But this little sopping wet grey helpless face looked up at me that looked more like a ‘Mouse’ — thus the name and I caved in to help.. I bottle fed him, set the alarm every 3 hours to feed him, taught him the things his mother would have taught him and tried to provide a shot at life for him… little did I know he would grow on me and eventually become part of the California Cannon clan.

Fast forward 7 years. The fact that we invited a ‘wild’ animal into our home is becoming crystal clear. Brent and I recently installed new chandeliers and ceiling fans in several rooms of our house. You’d think they were wild raptors!!! Mouse freaked out! He won’t go into the room where they are, gets wide eyed, darts around avoiding them and burrows into the closet under Brent’s shirts. He wouldn’t come out for days – we had to take in his food, water etc… Is this a blog or an advice column? I think the latter… what do we do? Even our puppy can’t coax him out. What happens when summer actually arrives and we want to… pause for dramatic effect… TURN ON THE FANS!!!! Then I’ll be looking for advice on how to give CPR to a cat. Ugh.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


One Response to “Flight of the Raptor”

  1. Reese Says:

    Hi Laura,

    My husband and I adopted a stray cat that lived in the backyard of our house when we moved in three years ago.

    Whenever we have something new in the house that makes any kind of strange noise (like a vacuum or hairdryer), she has a similar reaction as your cat, Mouse.

    Eventually, she has learned to live with things in the house that seem big and scary. I’d say give Mouse a chance to get used to the celing fans. I’ve found that most cats will adjust eventually…they just have to be melodramatic at first. 🙂

    Good luck!

    – Reese

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