Aging ‘Gracefully’


Laura Garcia Cannon

I recently had a birthday. Another year older. Don’t ask, it’s not polite ha ha. Just know I’m investing in more eye cream and serums as my ‘aging skin’ matures.

Sadly enough, I also realized marketers consider me now ‘middle aged’!! What? Middle aged? That sounds old. No disrespect to those of middle age age range, but I always thought middle age was well, in the middle. I mean my Grandfather lived to 100 so wouldn’t middle age be 50? I’m 30 something!

I found out I’m officially now ‘middle aged’ while reading the morning paper. There was a story about Gap closing its clothing chain Forth & Towne. It said Gap hoped to develop it into a specialty chain catering to middle aged women 35-54. Somebody get me my spectacles!! That is a big age gap, Gap! It went on to say Gap had hoped to woo boomers who are at the peak of their earning and spending power (shhh don’t tell Brent but I’ve been at my spending power for some time well before middle age). The article also went on to say they were catering to middle aged women who were looking for a more forgiving fit… hey – watch it buddy or I might hit you over the head with my pocketbook! You wipper-snapper! First you call me middle aged sonny, now I’m hippy? Maybe I am getting old, because I sound so sensitive about it right? I think I’ll just take myself out for a senior early bird special to cheer myself up.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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