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Pet Peeve

April 27, 2007

Brent Cannon

My latest pet peeve – personal communication devices in the gym. Cell phones, Blackberrys, etc. I go to the gym about four times a week. I have a good routine, designed so I can get in and out in about an hour. I do 30 minutes of cardio – and then about 30 minutes of weights. But lately the whole thing is getting messed up by people who sit on a machine and just talk or text. They are not lifting at all. The only work out they get is to their thumbs. I can finish my entire routine – and some guy on the phone has not moved from one bench. They treat ‘em as a chair. Like it’s a Lazy Boy or something. And nobody else can get anything done. I even politely – very politely – asked one guy if I could work in with him. Not kick him off the bench – just work in with him. He told me he had a few more reps – then kept talking on the phone!

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


Morning Shift Time Rift

April 20, 2007

Mike Inouye

“Well, I get out early and at least there’s no traffic when I drive in.”

That’s the standard answer I give when people react to the news that I’m on my way to the station, in suit and tie, at 4am.

Another cool thing about working in the news is the fact that we’re some of the first to know the latest developments from around the world. For the morning news it means we’re chasing down everything that happened overnight so that we can update you as you start your day. The irony comes when dealing with pop culture.

I get up early, I go to sleep early. Basically, I do everything about 4 hours earlier than “normal.” This rules out primetime television. In fact, the “NBC11 News: The Bay Area at 6” is the start to my day’s end.

Thanks to Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology I am able to record shows and watch them the next day but I’m still woefully out of the loop when talking to friends who saw things when they aired. You may not think that’s such a big deal but, you try to avoid hearing the results of the previous night’s reality tv show until you can get home to watch it the next day.

Try not to hear about which Biggest Loser lost least before you get home.

Layoff the news of which Apprentice was fired until you can review the show later.

Let’s face it, even though it’s on another network I even got sucked into the whole Sanjaya thing as well. (I didn’t see the show but I knew what happened before we hit the air the following morning.)

So, I go to sleep early, I get up early, I go to work early and I hear all the latest news first. BUT… I find out about everything else last.

Well, I get out early and at least there’s no traffic when I drive in.

…plus I love my job, and the people I work with are a whole lotta fun! Our morning crew is WAY better than any reality show on television. We ARE television and sometimes, that’s just plain unreal.

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor

Hitting: Sometimes It’s Okay!

April 19, 2007

Scott McGrew

My sister Becky came out to California to visit recently. She’s from back “east,” Illinois. People from Illinois, incidentally, are mystified by our insistence of calling the Midwest “east.”

She brought along her children. I have only boys, my sister has only girls. It made for a strange combination, especially since we both have five year olds. Think “Little Women” meets “Lord of the Flies” in the back of my minivan.

Turns out families with only girls don’t play “Slug Bug.” Slug Bug, for you who lack a Y chromosome, is where you spot a Volkswagen Beetle on the road and smack everyone else in the car as hard as you can while shouting “Slug Bug.” Apparently, in Abagail’s sheltered world, “hitting is not nice,” so she was a bit disturbed by the whole game.

As many sociologists have discovered, when you mix a sophisticated, rule based society (in this case, “girls”) with a primitive society (aka “boys”), the primitives do not become more civilized; The civilized become more primitive. So after awhile, they had Abagail playing Slug Bug.

My five year old – who doesn’t like the fact that Abagail gets much of the attention during her visit – pointed out to her that she was not spotting many Volkswagens.

“I have seven,” he said. “You have none. It’s seven to zero. ZEEEEEEEROO,” said Ian.

“That hurts my feelings,” responded Abagail, apparently oblivious to the fact that was precisely what Ian was trying to do. “What would YOU think if I said ‘I have seven, you have none?'”

Ian got suddenly quiet. He appeared to be thinking this over.

“How would I feel? I would think I wasn’t very good at playing Slug Bug.”

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter

Spring Cleaning

April 17, 2007

Laura Garcia Cannon

Vowing to hold true to my New Year resolution to get rid of stuff, I’m reading a book right now called It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. I think our neighbors Tom and Trish will like it, not the book, they don’t need it, but they’ll probably be happy I’m reading it. Our garage faces them so when it’s open they get a good look at all our stuff. Bikes, golf clubs and boxes o’ stuff.

Little do they know, Tom and Trish are my inspiration. They have one of those garages you could eat off of. Epoxy finished, it only houses their cars and their Harley. How do they do it? They told me every 12 months they just chuck what they don’t use. I think they’ve even turned stricter on themselves – saying every 6 months, if it hasn’t been used, out it goes.

Because time is limited, I have to go at it a little at a time so I started with a few boxes and drawers. Oh my gosh, I found stuff years old! I know I haven’t used those rollerblades in years Tom, but what if I took up the sport again? Ok, not likely. I guess I have this thing about never knowing when something will actually come in handy again… Rollerblades are an easy one. I doubt I’ll strap them on again, mostly due to the fear of the possible spiders lurking inside, but what about that dog door for a sliding glass door? I mean I haven’t lived in a house with a sliding glass door now for nine years, but what if we do? Why is it so hard to part with stuff?

Well, I guess I put too much of a value on stuff. Never knowing when someday it might come in handy again, when and if it does, it completely validates why I saved it. Kind of like those hideous denim heels I found ha ha- what was I thinking? Red strap across the front… I think they might be good for 4th of July!! Don’t worry Tom, I’ve got a Goodwill box going… for them and the Ralph Lauren jacket I’ve had since I was in 8th grade… unless you want to borrow it of course.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Easter Egg Roll Tradition

April 10, 2007

Brent CannonWe recently celebrated Easter. When I was growing up that meant the annual “egg roll.” As we colored our eggs we tried to determine which one would be our competition egg. We referred to that egg as the “champeen” egg. On Easter – each person would gather his or her “champeen” egg. The competition was one on one. Each person got down on the floor a few feet apart – and then we rolled our eggs at each other. We did this until the two eggs collided. Then we checked ‘em out. One was cracked, and one wasn’t. The cracked egg was out. The uncracked egg advanced to the next round. This went on until there was a winner. The only prize was bragging rights for next year.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

I Got Pressure

April 3, 2007

Mike InouyeThere’s a weird sort of pressure that comes along with being the Traffic Guy on our morning news. Sure, there’s the need to produce my reports, research the ever-changing conditions, monitor the incidents as they come in, create maps, check the live cameras and conference with Chopper 11 as it searches for problems, then be back in place in time for my next report… all in about 7 minutes. That’s not the hard part, though. The pressure comes with everyday things.

Things like – if I get somewhere late because of heavy traffic everyone thinks it’s a joke.

Things like – if I take a wrong turn, people wonder how that could ever happen.

Things like – the constant fear of getting pulled over for some sort of moving violation, and getting recognized by passers by. “Hey, we saw the traffic guy getting a ticket yesterday.”

The big pressure, though, came along with a big responsibility… the installation of my baby’s front-facing car seat.

I read the directions, followed them to a “t”. Intended to get the seat installation checked by the CHP but let it slip.

Then, as fate would have it, I got invited to do a live report at a child safety seat inspection event held by the CHP (along with the March of Dimes) up in beautiful Walnut Creek. I did my report and stressed the importance of correct installation. Then came the pressure… they would check my car seat installation.

I sweated as they looked things over. I paced as they prodded and jiggled the seat. As the inspection officer walked back my way, I imagined the chuckles as he told fellow officers that I didn’t practice what I preached.

Well, I’m proud to say that after all the stress, the anticpation and the imagined embarrassment, the verdict came in and I received high praise for the installation.


So, now all I need to worry about is what people say when they see how dirty the traffic guy’s car is.

Like I said, I got pressure. 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor