I Got Pressure


Mike InouyeThere’s a weird sort of pressure that comes along with being the Traffic Guy on our morning news. Sure, there’s the need to produce my reports, research the ever-changing conditions, monitor the incidents as they come in, create maps, check the live cameras and conference with Chopper 11 as it searches for problems, then be back in place in time for my next report… all in about 7 minutes. That’s not the hard part, though. The pressure comes with everyday things.

Things like – if I get somewhere late because of heavy traffic everyone thinks it’s a joke.

Things like – if I take a wrong turn, people wonder how that could ever happen.

Things like – the constant fear of getting pulled over for some sort of moving violation, and getting recognized by passers by. “Hey, we saw the traffic guy getting a ticket yesterday.”

The big pressure, though, came along with a big responsibility… the installation of my baby’s front-facing car seat.

I read the directions, followed them to a “t”. Intended to get the seat installation checked by the CHP but let it slip.

Then, as fate would have it, I got invited to do a live report at a child safety seat inspection event held by the CHP (along with the March of Dimes) up in beautiful Walnut Creek. I did my report and stressed the importance of correct installation. Then came the pressure… they would check my car seat installation.

I sweated as they looked things over. I paced as they prodded and jiggled the seat. As the inspection officer walked back my way, I imagined the chuckles as he told fellow officers that I didn’t practice what I preached.

Well, I’m proud to say that after all the stress, the anticpation and the imagined embarrassment, the verdict came in and I received high praise for the installation.


So, now all I need to worry about is what people say when they see how dirty the traffic guy’s car is.

Like I said, I got pressure. 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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