Spring Cleaning


Laura Garcia Cannon

Vowing to hold true to my New Year resolution to get rid of stuff, I’m reading a book right now called It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. I think our neighbors Tom and Trish will like it, not the book, they don’t need it, but they’ll probably be happy I’m reading it. Our garage faces them so when it’s open they get a good look at all our stuff. Bikes, golf clubs and boxes o’ stuff.

Little do they know, Tom and Trish are my inspiration. They have one of those garages you could eat off of. Epoxy finished, it only houses their cars and their Harley. How do they do it? They told me every 12 months they just chuck what they don’t use. I think they’ve even turned stricter on themselves – saying every 6 months, if it hasn’t been used, out it goes.

Because time is limited, I have to go at it a little at a time so I started with a few boxes and drawers. Oh my gosh, I found stuff years old! I know I haven’t used those rollerblades in years Tom, but what if I took up the sport again? Ok, not likely. I guess I have this thing about never knowing when something will actually come in handy again… Rollerblades are an easy one. I doubt I’ll strap them on again, mostly due to the fear of the possible spiders lurking inside, but what about that dog door for a sliding glass door? I mean I haven’t lived in a house with a sliding glass door now for nine years, but what if we do? Why is it so hard to part with stuff?

Well, I guess I put too much of a value on stuff. Never knowing when someday it might come in handy again, when and if it does, it completely validates why I saved it. Kind of like those hideous denim heels I found ha ha- what was I thinking? Red strap across the front… I think they might be good for 4th of July!! Don’t worry Tom, I’ve got a Goodwill box going… for them and the Ralph Lauren jacket I’ve had since I was in 8th grade… unless you want to borrow it of course.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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