The Road Home


Mike Inouye

Traffic matters if it’s between you and your destination. For commuters that means the road to work and the road home.

As many of you know, my personal road has its origin right here in the Bay Area. This IS home. This has always been home for me and for many generations of my family. Recently, I had an opportunity to share some of that path through a special NBC11 project called “Dreams to Dust: Americans Interned,” an hour-long documentary with roots in the personal stories of NBC11 Reporter George Kiriyama, NBC11 Weather Plus’ Rob Mayeda and me. We all have parents who were forcibly evacuated from their homes to relocation camps after Executive Order 9066 was enacted during World War II.

I was honored to share in this project and to help some former internees share their stories beyond the sterile data. Most of us have read these fact and figures, dates and numbers as written in our U.S. History books.

This project was different… it wasn’t written.

Instead of using a script and a narrator, our story is told through the combined voices of those personally touched by it. Each with a very different point of view, each contributing to a fuller more experiential picture.

These are the roads that fascinate me. These are the journeys I like to share. These are the occasions when I enjoy the unexpected twists, not knowing what’s around the blind curve and when I totally approve of spectator slowing. That’s not traffic, that’s life.

I talk traffic in the mornings on NBC11. You can check your route home online at I appreciate you checking with us during those times. Enjoy the ride.

Mike Inouye
Traffic Anchor

For more info on this documentary please click here to visit the website. I encourage you to add even the smallest note to the “Your Stories” section of that site.


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